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Dreams Do Come True: Morgantown Man Making It As Professional Musician

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Almost every kid who has ever picked up a guitar has dreamed of making it big as a professional musician, frankly I'm no different. 

George Johnson isn't either.

Johnson grew up in Morgantown, attended Morgantown High and has been dreaming of making music almost all of his life.

Today Johnson lives in Nashville and his career continues to reach new heights every day.

"Really it's kind of just getting started," said Johnson. "I'm just starting to be an artist and sing my own songs. Every writer wants to sing their own songs and so I'm just doing it."

Johnson has lived in Los Angeles, CA, and now in Nashville, TN. He records his music on his own record label and, like most musicians, his journey towards singing the blues has been full of obstacles and hard work. 

"A lot of people get lucky because of their looks, not necessarily their talent," said Johnson. "A lot of people don't put the time in really become a great song writer, they just look good and they put them out there. But I think the hurdle is just taking the time to learn how to write songs and perfect the craft of song writing."

Johnson's Life in L. A. and Nashville are far from the days he spent as a kid in the Mountain State. But he knows without West Virginia he would never be the artist he is today, a tribute made apparent with a song he's working on now.

"You know the whole independent spirit, you know we're over here we broke off from Virginia all that and the civil war, so we kind of have our own independence, we're over the mountains," added Johnson. "So I think I'm carrying that same independent kind of spirit."

Johnson learned to play guitar at the age of seven, that's when his dream bloomed. Asked what he would tell a seven-year-old today whose dreams are just beginning grow and Johnson said just do it for the love.

"I don't think you necessarily want to be a star," said Johnson. "You want to have fun. Do it because you love it, not because you want that rush of people seeing you and ‘hey I'm on stage,' who cares? What matters is that you are doing something that is worthwhile and that you love doing."

Want to learn more about Johnson? Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or head over to his web site. You can download his music on iTunes as well. 

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