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Restaurant Road Trip: The Cottage Corner

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Previously a bowling alley, the Cottage Corner in Salem is now a busy restaurant.

"This building was originally built to be a bowling alley. I think it was 1972. That's where you're looking at in this in this room. This was the bowling lanes," said Andrea Jackson, owner of the Cottage Corner Restaurant in Salem.

Cottage Corner started out in West Union with Andrea's grandfather in 1975. More than 30 years later, the restaurant is still family owned and going strong.

"We're here, I don't know. Anywhere from three to five days a week," said Josh Wyckoff, a regular at Cottage Corner.

Jackson said the kitchen is a busy place, but the dining room is too.

"The dining room is kind of noisy, but people love that," Jackson said.

Jackson said the restaurant aims to make sure that everyone who walks in the door, walks out with a smile.

"Making people happy and seeing people and sometimes you will get that grouchy person that comes in. And you know what? We kind of lean to that person because we want them to smile when they walk out," Jackson said.

Jason Wyckoff remembers the Cottage Corner from his childhood. He later served in Iraq with the Marine Corps, and when he came back it was like he never left.

"I smelled it and it did bring back memories of that," Wyckoff said.

The Cottage Corner features a wide range of salads, soups and sandwiches--all homemade.

Jackson said the meatloaf is a customer favorite, and the daily specials are top sellers too.

One of the most unique items on the menu is the Kabasi Cabbage Soup.

"We've got our homemade Kabasi Cabbage soup which you maybe never had before. You might want to try that. It has Kabasi, cabbage, and red beans and it's in a chicken broth," Jackson said.

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