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2012 Bridgeport Urban Deer Hunt Kicks Off Saturday

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Typically bow hunting doesn't start until the fall, but some hunters in Bridgeport are already getting started.

"Just wanting to get a couple extra deer this year," said Brian Pick, who obtained a permit for the Bridgeport Urban Deer Hunt on Saturday afternoon.

The Bridgeport Urban Deer Hunt was started four years ago. The root of the initiative was to make the roads safer for drivers.

"We have a serious problem with overpopulation of deer in the community. It was creating a number of traffic accidents of things of that nature, so decided to write an ordinance to allow urban deer hunt," said Chief John Walker, Bridgeport City Police.

Urban deer hunting doesn't take place in as urban areas as it may sound.

"You're definitely out of city limits," Pick said.

"If you have two acres of land in the city or a combination of two acres of land, then the landowners can register their land with the city and allow individuals to harvest land from that property," Walker said.

Each hunter must go through a series of steps before being issued a permit.

"We instruct them on safety and the city ordinance and check in procedures for the deer, things of this type. Out in the field they have to go out and shoot their bow," Walker said.

"Had to shoot the foam deer four or five times," Pick said.

Each hunter is then assigned to a specific location.

"They're assigned which property they can hunt and are given tags so they can properly tag their deer and check

it in. There is no cost associated with it," Walker said.

The next opportunity to obtain a permit is Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Bridgeport City Hall.

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