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HSFB Preview: Tygarts Valley Bulldogs

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The Tygarts Valley football team is coming off a 1-9 season last year. So what's going to make the Bulldogs different in 2012?

"Cohesiveness," Tygarts Valley head coach Joseph Arbogast said. "We've got to come together. We've got to get on the same page, defensively and offensively. We've got to be doing the same thing. Everybody's got to know what the person behind them is doing. We're a small school, we're not that deep. In the single A area, you know that's always going to be a problem every year. We've got to get those kids ready to go, get them in shape and get ready for the first game."

Let me tell you, after watching the Bulldogs practice for over an hour, you can definitely tell coach Arbogast and company are trying to change the culture at Tygarts Valley.

"Hopefully we're in better shape than everybody," senior quarterback Brandon Pritt said. "I mean, that's what we've been working for. If we can out-hustle everybody then we should win ball games."

Coach Arbogast admits the toughest part of the job is getting kids to come out for the team. So as a teacher at the high school, he says recruiting in between classes is often times the most important thing.

"When I see the kids in the hallways, I try to get them," Arbogast said. "I'm a first year teacher, first year head coach. I'm just trying to get the kids to come out, believe in our system. Believe in what we want to do and get them on board with us. Just see them in the hallways everyday, talk them up, tell them you want them out here -- those kinds of things. It's worked out pretty good for us so far."

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