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West Virginians Participate in Stop the Frack Attack Rally

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Thousands of protestors, speakers and spectators gathered on the west lawn of the U.S.Capitol on Saturday for the Stop the Frack Attack rally and march held in Washington D.C.

More than 30 states were represented, including West Virginia.

"I got involved in the rally because I feel very passionately that fracking is a risk to West Virginia. We already have the burden of so much fossil fuel extraction from coal mining, and I think fracking poses too large of a risk," said Fiona Druge, a former resident of Morgantown and organizer of Stop the Frack Attack.

Ricky Humphreys of Mannington also attended.  His daughter was one of the guest speakers. 

"In 2006, The WV Department of Environmental Protection approved the permitting of four wells on my property that had no wells on them before. I opposed that drilling process. My opposition was overshadowed," said Humphreys.

Kelly Humphreys described her family's circumstances in her speech.

"I've seen the affects. I've grown up with the affects. This started when I was in 6th grade and I just now graduated high school. I feel it's important I share the harmful affects that happened to me personally," Humphreys said.

People traveled hundreds of miles to be a part of the event and voice their opinion.  Druge said West Virginians can learn from states like Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and Ohio where she said more drilling has occurred. 

"West Virginia would be smart to pay attention to what happened out west, places like Colorado and Wyoming where there has been serious groundwater contamination from gas extraction," Druge said.

Jamie Stover posted additional pictures and videos on her Facebook Page

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