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Fairmont Area Swim Team Preps For Zone Championship In Texas

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The Fairmont Area Swim Team, otherwise known as FAST, has been preparing for the Zone Championship in Rockwell, Texas. Zone is a national championship that takes the top eight swimmers in each age group from each state across America. West Virginia falls in the south zone, as states from the east, north and west will also be represented. FAST Assistant Coach Katie Inozemtseva said it's an exciting time for the team.

"They've been working the whole year and this would be one of the biggest meets for us and we have a good group to go to Texas and I'm sure the kids are very excited," Inozemtseva said.

Nearly 35 swimmers from West Virginia will make the trip to Texas, with about eight of them hailing from the Fairmont Area Swim Team. The coaches said some of the local swimmers have been training year round for this. Swimming is one of the most grueling sports that demands hard work and perseverance.

"It takes a lot of time to be a great swimmer like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and hopefully we'll see some good swimmers coming out of FAST. Every single sport is hard, it just depends on how people look at it," Inozemtseva said. "If you want to put time and hard work into it, then you'll see results."

The FAST swim team will leave for the Lone Star State on Saturday and will be there until the following Monday. As you probably already know, the Olympics begin Friday. So if you're wondering just how they'll be able to catch their favorite swimmers competing in London, they say they'll make it work.

"This is kind of unfortunate because everybody is very excited about watching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte competing against each other and right now we have a Zone Championship pretty much at the same time. So I guess everybody will be just video taping it and watching it when they get time," Inozemtseva said.

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