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Father of Star City Teen Begs for Return Home

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At an apartment in Star City, a couple is going through every parents nightmare.

The Neese's have not seen their teenage daughter, Skylar, for nearly two weeks.

If Skylar is in the area, her father David Neese has one message.

"We love you. Come home as soon as you can, baby."

On July 7, Skylar Neese returned home to her families Crawford Avenue apartment after a working a typical shift at the Wendy's in the Glenmark Center.

"She walked into the living room, sat on the arm of the chair and gave her mom a hug, a kiss and told her she loved her," David recalled. "Came over gave me a hug, gave me a kiss and told me she was tired and she was going to bed. That's the last we've seen of her."

Surveillance video from the James Place apartments shows the 16-year-old willingly leaving the complex.

"She came out this window, walked approximately 75 feet down to the dumpster, got into an unknown sedan, unknown color sedan and that's the last she's been seen or heard from," David said tearfully.

Star City Police are working around the clock following leads.

Her cell phone has not been turned on and she has not accessed any money from her account.

David Neese has talked to friends and parents, and no one has had contact with Skylar since she left.

"I know by now she would've been in contact with somebody," David said. "Hunny, if you're scared, don't be scared. All of this is for you. We want you home more than anything in the world. You're not in trouble. We need to talk and that's all, hunny. Just come home."

Anyone with information on Skylar's whereabouts is asked to contact the star city police at 304- 599-3550.

"We're good parents we're good people," David cried. "We don't have a lot of money, but we've got a lot of love and that's all we need. We love our baby and we want her home."

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