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Restaurant Road Trip: Smitty's Kountry Kreme

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At its old location, getting ice cream at Smitty's Kountry Kreme was more of an event, but at the new and improved location on Route 7 in Sabraton it's got an expanded menu at a much more convenient location.

"Here's your hot Italian!," offered Williams "Smitty" Smith, with freshly made hoagie in hand.

"The best part of our menu change is, we've stuck with the ice cream. That's always done well. But now we're fortunate enough to have a full grill."

On that full grill, Smitty and staff are cooking up some classics at unbelievable prices.

Just don't ask for a sandwich.

"No, they're called sammiches! It rolls off your tongue a little different," Smitty laughed. "It's not your average eatery."

With fast food chains on almost every corner of Route 7, Smitty's offers you that home cooked feel you can't get just anywhere.

"I'm tired of eating at Wendy's and McDonalds all the time," said Duane Saltsman, a frequent Smitty's customer. "It just gets old and this sandwich here is going to last me for two days probably."

"I can make you anything that you want," Smitty explained. "I'm allowed to make it any size, any flavor. It also just allows us to have that one on one relationship and that continued relationship everyday."

Owning an ice cream shop was not always in the plans for Smitty.

The food stand gets its ma and pa feel because that is exactly where it started.

"I sold a car to the little old lady that owned the business," he recalled. "After a period of time, she lost interest in it and offered it to me and that's where it started."

But he's not letting go of that hometown feeling.

"For us, what we try to do was make it our mission to make it affordable and make it fun," Smitty said. "We have a lot of variety."

"Banana splits and this is the first time I've tried their steak hoagie and its real good," Saltsman added. "I'll probably be here everyday now."

And when he's not there for lunch, Saltsman brings his grandchildren there for the giant banana splits.

"You take a screaming child and make it stop when you give it a cup of ice cream," Smitty smiled. "It's just the nature of ice cream."

Smitty assured me his hot Italian sammich cannot be beat, but he also warned me that I'm going to need to wash it down with a Hillbilly Mess.

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