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Summer Practice Period Check-In: East Fairmont Soccer

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The East Fairmont High School boys and girls soccer teams sometimes take advantage of the three week summer practice period, together. Coaches said practicing the teams together combines resources and keeps it interesting for the athletes.

The Bees' coaches like seeing the younger players out at summer drills. Both coaches also said soccer needs to be established early in August because the season starts quickly. The three week summer practice period is good for working on things that can't take up time in August. 

When it comes to what the teams need to focus on during the three week period, there's a difference between the boys and girls teams.

"Soccer is one of those unique sports where you have to use your feet," said East Fairmont Boys Soccer Coach Fred Roman. "Most athletes will lift weights, they'll run and take care of those types of particular things but when it comes to the ball on your foot, time is the most important."

"Fitness is everything in the game of soccer," said East Fairmont Girls Soccer Coach Mark Havath. "You have to be fit, you have to be ready to go for the full time of the match and if you et the fitness going early, now, that gives you more time to work on other things come August first."

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