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WV Shoppers to Save on Groceries as Grocery Tax Continues to Fall

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A tax rate change usually means you'll pay more, but a tax you pay to feed your family will soon cost less.

"When I lived in Morgantown, several people would cross over into Pennsylvania to pick up some groceries just because of the idea of cutting out on taxes," said Edward Clevenger, Assistant Manager for the Shop 'N Save Store in Elkins.

Soon West Virginia shoppers won't have to cross the border for tax free groceries.

The grocery tax falls to one percent on July 1 and will be completely eliminated one year later.

"Really, I don't think it will make much difference because mostly I just buy what I need anyway. But it will save a little bit," said Jerry Shelton, a shopper at the Shop 'N Save in Elkins.

"Well, any kind of savings is a good savings," said Ruth Hedrick, a shopper at the Shop 'N Save in Elkins.

The stores will cash in too.

"My guess is people are going to be picking up items they wouldn't normally be. Maybe extra meats and the little bit more expensive items," Clevenger said.

"If you end up spending more that means they're making more money. The grocery stores are, the people that bring the trucks in to supply the grocery stores. So if they supply more they're going to make more too," Hedrick said.

Some shoppers said they'll use the extra money to pick up some extra groceries.

"People need food, they have to get it. No matter what the tax is on it they pretty much have to buy it," Shelton said.

"Been a complaint for a lot of years, people saying other states have cheaper tax or no tax at all. I've heard it a lot over the years," Clevenger said.

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