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Clarksburg 10K Runners Prepare Well In Advance For 6.2 Mile Race

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It seems pretty easy. Once you pay the money for admission, stick the number on your chest and lace up your sneakers, you should be good to go. Right?

On second thought, you may want to prepare yourself for the long run ahead. Just ask some of the participants from Saturday's 10K in Clarksburg.

"I've ran the course here before," said Clarksburg native and 10K runner Zac Post. "I've kind of been training for like a month since school was out. But I've just been running the course."

"I did the two-mile and I thought I would die before I got back in and then I started walking," said 10K runner Debbie Gaskins. "The more I walked, the more I was encouraged because I thought, 'Oh, I could do this.' Even now I still have to slow down and recover with a little walk."

Everybody that ran in the Clarksburg 10K had their reasons for running. Some were trying to set personal records while others just wanted to spend the day out in the sun. Whatever the reason, it was another impressive showing in downtown Clarksburg.

If you plan on reserving a spot to run in next year's 10K, here's a few helpful hints about the course.

Obviously there's a lot of hills. What's the biggest challenge?

"Going downhill," 15-year-old Kingwood native and 10K runner Kaylyn Harris said with a smirk.

"The heat and the hills definitely. It's always hot here and it's obviously always hilly too. It's a good challenge though," third place finisher and Pennsylvania native Jeff Weiss said.

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