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Restaurant Road Trip: Poling's Dairy King

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It's 11 in the morning, and Katherine Poling is gearing up for another day at Poling's Dairy King, the restaurant she and her husband have owned for over thirty years. Although all of her regular customers can tell you how good the food is, she said there's one important secret to keeping that success alive.

"Consistency," Poling said. "Because I'm the cook, and I do it the same every single time. My daughter does fill in for me on Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings, but other than that, I'm here all the time."

The restaurant has stood along Route 19 for decades, and it's become a focal point for the communities in southern Harrison County. Kris Evans came by Poling's with her grandson for a hot dog. She said she's happy to help a business in her community.

"Just knowing that they are such sweet people to deal with, we know them not only in business, but we also know them at the football games at the high school and stuff like that. So it's just local people supporting a local business," Evans said.

And Evans will tell you, this is a business that knows their food well and keeps their customers satisfied every day.

"Just that it's home cooked meals, and she makes her own chili for the hot dogs, it's just awesome and the pepperoni rolls are really good, you get something different," Evans said.

People passing by the restaurant may enjoy the food, but Poling said she also gets people who have left the area who stop by for a taste of home whenever they can.

"Locals, high school kids, people who have left the area and then come back, they always come back for a pepperoni roll. They know this is the place to come for a pepperoni roll," Poling said.

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