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Restaurant Road Trip: Ruby's & Ketchy's Diner

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A small hidden gem right off of Cheat Road in Cheat Lake is Ruby's and Ketchy's Diner where one online reviewer said you'd hate yourself if you don't stop in.

"It's a traditional country diner," said owner Judy Frum. "We have different specials everyday, potato soup and grilled cheese on Monday's for lunch."

Opened in 1958, Ruby's and Ketchy's has been a staple in Cheat Lake.

Judy Frum is a second generation owner, but not much has changed since Ruby ran the kitchen.

The hardy home-style food and classic homey feel has been the diner's stamp.

"There times we've thought about remodeling, or bringing a bulldozer in and just starting all over again," Frum said. "But when you mention that to people they say oh, no, no, no. Don't do that, that's why we come here. My philosophy is kind of like, if it's not broke I'm not going to fix it, and that's why I use Ruby's recipes and this and that."

Back in the kitchen many of those homemade recipes come to life.

Whether it's the popular roast beef or a homemade pie, you only have yourself to blame if you go home hungry.

"I like the hot roast beef sandwich and coleslaw," said patron Ron Kyle. "It's absolutely the best in town."

"It's just good food, good atmosphere but especially the food. It's fantastic," said patron Butch Thorne.

Like many diners, repeat customers are the heart and soul of the business. Many often stop by as soon as they step off the golf course, the job site or just stop in for breakfast.

"We our repeats every morning," Frum said. "The bar is full of our regular customers. I think that's what's helped us keep the doors opened for all these years."

While repeats come in ready to order, new ones get just one chance for that first enjoyable Ruby's and Ketchy's experience.

"I think once you come here, and you hopefully have a good experience you come back," Frum said.

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