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Restaurant Road Trip: Medallion Restaurant

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Kevin Lyons learned how to cook roughly 20 years ago, the day he opened up the Medallion Restaurant. It later became known as "Great food in the heart of Philippi."

"Never had been in a restaurant, never had be in a kitchen," said Kevin Lyons, owner of the Medallion Restaurant in Philippi.

You could call it beginners luck if you wanted, but Lyons must be doing something right because the Medallion is still a Philippi gem.

"Kind of a staple in Barbour County," said Eddy Poling, a regular customer at the Medallion Restaurant.

Maybe it's the homemade lasagna that has kept the doors open for so long.

"Lots of pastas," Lyons said. "People love our pasta."

"The food's great, there's another reason to come here," Poling said. "The food's great."

Food that's sure to remind you of home.

"Home style cooking like you're used to at home," Lyons said. "Like Grandma cooked it."

But perhaps, more hospitality than you got in Grandma's Kitchen.

"Cater to family," Poling said. "There's a lot of places you'll go to, you'll order something and they'll say I'm sorry that's not on the kids menu, and I'm a dad so that's important to me. Here, they'll say okay well let's see what we can do."

The never ending all you can eat buffet bar will cost you under $7.

"Our buffet is our big draw for this restaurant," Lyons said. "People are always in a hurry this day. People want fast food, this is a way to beat fast food. We have healthy foods on the buffet. It's $6.25 for the buffet."

"On Sundays I like to get the buffet," Poling said. "But that's my special day, when I get to eat whatever I want."

The Medallion is known for many items, but the Chicken Salad gets some awesome reviews.

"The chicken salad is out of this world, many people trying to get gallons of it at a time," Lyons said.

"My wife gets the Chicken Salad. It's really good. And it's plenty too," Poling said.

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