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Restaurant Road Trip: Almost Heaven Desserts

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Most of our Restaurant Roads Trips take us to places known for their great meals. But where can you go afterward if you've got a sweet tooth?

Almost Heaven Desserts Coffee Shop in Bridgeport sits right along Main Street. Most people have probably walked by it dozens of times.

"There's a lot of people that live here and don't even know that we're here so we get that a lot, but there's also people that come in that are regulars that we know but their first name," said Almost Heaven Desserts worker Wakem Simon.

The Simon family owns the business.

The coffee shop opened in 2003 but the bakery has been around since 1996. It's located on Wonder Bar Road and the bakery is where all the magic happens. It's grown quite busy over the years.

"For example we would make probably 10 tiramisu a week and that would get us through the whole week," explained baker Ranee Torchia. "We're up to 36-40 sometimes 50 tiramisu a week."

The baking starts at 6 a.m. and all three bakers have culinary backgrounds. The coffee shop is stocked by 9 a.m.

"Well the coffee shop is more of a like a, you can come in and sit down and just relax and get coffee but over there is just normally the production of the desserts," Simon explained. 

Almost Heaven Desserts Coffee Shop said the Chambord Cheesecake is the best seller.

"When we make stuff, we always make what we're going to want in a store," Torchia said. "So we just act like we're making it for ourselves. What would you want? And that's what we want our customers to want."

You'll find plenty of goodies at the coffee shop along with cappuccinos, lattes, smoothies and milkshakes. But it's hard to work at a dessert place.

"Eating everything!," Torchia laughed. "Trying to stay away from eating it because it's so good that we still want it. After 15 years I still love it."

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