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Taylor County Home to Two Hydroponic Greenhouses

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A new business in Taylor County calls itself "Grafton's Salad Bowl, Just Add Dressing."

Shaffer Farms is home to two hydroponic high tunnel greenhouses, with just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of growing inside.

It's one of the only systems of its kind in the entire state.

"We have 11,000 strawberry plants. We have six different types of lettuce. We have bok choy. We have arugula. We have mustard soy. We have beets, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, we have the whole ball and wax for your salad," said owner Joe Shaffer.

Shaffer hasn't really done any advertising but has been busy thanks to word of mouth. One of his clients is the Taylor County School System.

"We have supplied fresh lettuce to the Taylor County school system since February 8. They buy anywhere between 300-400 heads of lettuce a week from us. Our kids eat fresh," he said.

Each row of fruits and veggies is fed for three minutes. four times a day. through a computer controlled system. Shaffer said people can eat 90 percent of his items right off of the vine. He said the best part is that he can offer people's favorites year round.

"Anytime you can give people an option of fresh versus something that has chemicals on it, I think it's worth it 100 percent."

Shaffer Farms is located in Grafton off of Wickwire Road. It's open Mon.-Fri. From 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Click here to visit Shaffer Farms Facebook Page.

Call 304-677-2119 for more information.

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