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Life Behind Bars: Huttonsville Correctional Center

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Huttonsville Correctional Center Barber Shop Huttonsville Correctional Center Barber Shop
Huttonsville Correctional Center Huttonsville Correctional Center

WBOY 12 News was given an exclusive tour of the Huttonsville Correctional Center.

Reporter Jamie Stover and Videographer Chris Marrs visited the correctional center along with State Senator Clark Barnes.

The 12 News team was given a tour of multiple facility amenities, including several prison rooms and was surprised by what they saw.

According to facility representatives, that reaction is common.

"When they first walk in they are kind of like the folks who we visited with today, they don't really know what to expect," said Ernest Gooding, Principal of The Huttonsville School.

Life behind bars somewhat resembles a college dormitory.

"Cells here were multi cells. Some of them are like dormitories," said John Murphy, Asst. Warden of Security.

Without the locks, bolts and gates.

Rooms are shared, sometimes more than two to a room.

"Hold up to 45 inmates," Murphy said. "We currently have dormitories that hold up to 80 inmates but it has 10 six-man cells and ten two-man cells."

Beds are just enough to lay on and showers are communal. Spare time might be spent reading in the facility library.

"They have a law library, also we consist of a reading library so they both aspects of that," Murphy said.

The facility also has a barber shop, out door workout equipment and recreation areas.

Rooms are equipped with TV's and even video game systems.

Some inmates even spend time working a part time job.

"There's different jobs here, it depends what job you have to show what pay you get," Murphy said.

Earned money can be used at the commissary.

"They can pretty much work earn money for what their general needs are," Murphy said. "Basics are provided. Food, clothing, shelter. But if they want to go to the commissary to get something extra then they have the chance to."

Prisons across the country are overcrowded and filled to capacity. Huttonsville is no exception.

Take no prisoners is more like take all prisoners.

"Three day rule," Murphy said. "That bed has to be filled within three days. The whole institution is going to be filled packed up."

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