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Test It Tuesday: Wuggle Pets

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Build-A-Bear on a budget? On this week's Test It Tuesday, we have a special 7-year-old guest who's going to see just how easy it is to stuff your own stuffed animal at home.

The 12-piece Wuggle Pets starter kit comes with everything you need to build your own baby pets.

Cierra has been wanting Wuggle Pets ever since she saw the commercial on TV and couldn't wait to get started. The starter kits come with a Cuddle Puppy and Magical Unicorn, but there's a total of eight collectible baby pets your child can build by buying a re-fill kit.

The process is pretty simple and straight-forward.

"Insert half the bag of fluffy stuffing into the chamber," Cierra said. "Sprinkle some magic dust into the chamber and then insert the rest of the stuffing. Hold your Wuggle firmly in place on the yellow nozzle and then turn the fun-filled factory crank slowly and watch your Wuggle come to life."

Cierra had to stop a few times to shape her Wuggle Pets. It was a lot of stuffing to cram into one stuffed animal!

"Choose the personality charms that best describe your Wuggle," Cierra said. "Pop them out and place them into your Wuggle. You can chose as many as you'd like."

Cierra places the personality charms into her Wuggles and gives a quick zip up on the backs to secure the stuffing.  She sang the Wuggle Pets song while doing so.

"Snuggle and huggle my Wuggle pet," she said.

She's clearly happy with her new Wuggle friends she named them Cutie and Bluie.

"Okay, Cierra, you created two Wuggle Pets. How did you like it?'" I asked. "I loved it," she said.

"How bad did you want this?" She replied "Really, really bad."

"Who gave this to you?" 'The Easter Bunny," she added.

We've seen Wuggle Pets run anywhere from $15 to $20 in drug stores. Cierra gives it her stamp of approval, so it must be good!

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