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Kingwood Girl to Nashville Recording Artist

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It is a dream that so many young girls who adore Taylor Swift have: A small town girl, trying to make it big in Nashville, but how many of those stories involve a girl from Preston County?

Kingwood native, Morgan Kasprowicz, is chasing big dreams in Music City, but not forgetting her roots. She came home Friday, and played a charity event at the Preston Art Center.

"I do music because it's what makes me happy," said Kasprowicz, "I think I'm better at communicating that way than I am through speaking, and so, I don't think I'll ever stop playing music."

Kasprowicz moved to Nashville, Tennessee after high school to attend Belmont University, and pursue a career in music. Her mother saw her future music career from he time she little, even when Morgan didn't see it herself.

"I told her when she was 10-years-old. I said, ‘You're going to be a song writer,'" said Morgan's mother Geri Kasprowicz. "Because she was writing poetry since she was in elementary school that was way beyond her years. And she started to play the piano and I said, ‘You're going to be a song writer,' and she said, ‘No I'm not.'"

In Nashville, Morgan is a vocal instructor. She uses her spare time to work on her extended play, a short CD. As a performer, she plays various genres including folk, jazz and pop, and has learned that being raised in North Central West Virginia will remain apart of her forever.

"I remember from being a little kid, somebody playing the dulcimer, or something like that. That's not something you find where I am now," said Kasprowicz. "I didn't realize how much I loved that, and how much I missed that, and how much I wanted to incorporate that sort of folk culture into my music until I moved to Nashville."

A singer, song-writer and piano player, Kasprowicz is trying to live out a fairytale and dream, but not one of stardom, riches and fame. Just one with a happy ending.

"I am finding a lot of happiness and fulfillment in the things I am doing," said Kasprowicz . "It's basically my dream to enjoy, whatever it is I am doing and to work in music, and I think because I have been able to, and I continue to do that in so many different capacities, that's what makes it really fulfilling and really exciting."

Friday's concert was held in the Preston Community Arts Center and admission was free, although donations for the center were accepted.

To here some of Morgan's music, select this link

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