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Test It Tuesday: Shamwow!

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Have you ever spilled soda on your carpet?

Or, needed a faster way to hand dry your dishes?

This week's As Seen On TV product promises you'll say 'WOW' every time you use it. 

Shamwow is a super absorbent towel, chamois, and sponge all in one.

The box comes with four large and four mini Shamwow towels.

It's supposed to absorb liquids fast and work better than a roll of paper towels.

First, I tested Shamwow's strength against a puddle of spilled water.

It did a pretty good job of sucking up the water, but my table was still wet when I was finished.  I had to use a paper towel to get it completely dry.

Next, I tested tried to dry my dishes with a mini Shamwow.

I wiped a few dishes and Shamwow worked similar to a paper towel.

It got the dishes about 80 percent dry, but there was still a thin wet layer on the dishes when I finished.

Last but not least, I tried Shamwow on a piece of carpet with spilled soda on it.

 Shamwow said it'll not only suck up the soda but the stain, too.

I had to pound the carpet to really get the soda out of the carpet.

A short time later, most of the soda was gone.  The problem?  There was still a stain and sticky film on my counter, which I had to clean with paper towels.

Overall, I'm sort of on the fence about Shamwow.

It did a great job of sucking up the liquids, but I still had to use all of these paper towels to actually dry the surface.

If you can find Shamwow at a local store and pay $10, like I did, by all means it's worth it.

However, I wouldn't recommend ordering it online or on the telephone where it'll cost you $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  In that case, I don't think it's worth it.

I found my Shamwow at Target in Bridgeport.

Do you own a Shamwow?  Share your experience on my 12 News Facebook page or send me a tweet!

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