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Test It Tuesday: Windshield Wonder

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Smears, smudges and fingerprints; that's what this week's 'As Seen On TV Product' claims to erase.

Don Graye puts the Windshield Wonder to the test on this week's Test It Tuesday.

The Windshield Wonder claims to make cleaning your windshield fast and easy.

It comes with a 16 inch detachable handle, 2 microfiber pads and a spray bottle.

All you need is some tap water and a dirty windshield.

Don tries Windshield Wonder on his front windshield first.

The slim pivoting head feature is supposed to reach small crevices many people have trouble cleaning on their own.

After a couple minutes, Don evaluates his microfiber pad.

"A little bit of residue down in this corner, up here, in this corner; where the corners are, where the hard surfaces are, are where you're picking up your dirt," he said.

Next, he tries his back windshield. It's a little bit of a tight squeeze, but the Windshield Wonder is able to reach and clean the window with ease.

"There's a little less room here but it fits all of the corners, and all of the nooks and crannies with no problem," Don said.

Don re-evaluates the cloth.

"After doing the back window on the inside, it's picked up a little more dirt. It's been awhile since I've cleaned that. It's working, it's picking up dirt," he said.

Windshield Wonder can also be used on the outside of your windows. Don gives it one more quick swipe on the outside of his front windshield.

For our final test, we see if Windshield Wonder will store easily in the glove box like the packaging says.

It does!

Don's is still a little bit on the fence about the product.

He said, "It stores nicely, but at the same time, you could probably do the same thing with a washcloth or paper towels."

Windshield Wonder can be found at area stores and costs around $10.

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