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Doddridge County Resident Says Water Well Damaged by Oil and Gas Industry

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Danny and Sharon Kinney were excited to hear about their neighbors decision to allow an oil and gas company on to their property.

But that was three years ago.

And with time, the Kinney's learned that what happened on their neighbor's property would soon affect them too.

The Kinney's relied on their water well for the past ten years but now they can't.

Their water well was damaged from work done next door.

That damage wasn't just structural.

"Really close proximity to our home our garden and especially our water well which is now contaminated," said Danny Kinney.

The Kinney's received some positive test results with some very negative affects.

"The arsenic tested at .060. The units of arsenic that's safe is .01. We tested six times more arsenic in our well than the allowable amount," said Sharon Kinney.

The Kinney's told WBOY 12 News that the oil and gas company did conduct several tests. But those tests didn't test everything.

The Kinney's said they reached out to Hall Drilling and Antero Resources. Both companies were involved at their neighbors site. Hall Drilling never returned their calls and Antero didn't offer much help.

"They did send us these test results. But no one explained it to us or said anything to us or told us it was undrinkable water. The company rep said, 'Well Mrs. Kinney look at it this way, if we hadn't tested your water you still wouldn't know,'" Sharon said.

Even when they asked for it.

"Basically, they told us sorry about your luck," Danny said.

They Kinney's said some of the workers did try to "fix" their well. But it wasn't fixed properly and it is still unusable. The Kinney's said they were told a new well would be drilled. They are still waiting for that to happen.

They also said they did receive water deliveries for a short while. But that has since stopped. Now, they are on their own.

The family makes sure to have extra water bottles and extra jugs at their home.

"We keep it stocked because we never know when we're going to have to resort to this totally," Sharon said.

But that water source doesn't account for everything.

The family is told their water is safe to shower and cook with at least for now. That's because the iron in their water is binding to the arsenic particles. And for the time being, the iron and what's attached to it is being filtered out by their filter system.

The Kinney's are told that filter system won't last forever.

"W feel like we're playing Russian roulette sometimes, but you pick and chose sometimes when the fixed income check is not as big as what you need to spend. And I will wash dishes with the water, I do cook with the water," Sharon said.

But not being able to use the water from the well they've relied on for the past ten years isn't all that worries them.

"We're afraid to even try to harvest the tomatoes and the peppers," Sharon said.

"We're afraid to use the canning things my wife canned out of our garden. For the last three years we have it canned in the shelves of our basement. We're afraid to use anything," Danny said.

"Now we have to buy Christmas gifts for people that would rather have mom's homemade stuff. That hurts. That really hurts. That hurts a lot," Sharon said.

The family said that while the drilling was going on it was nearly impossible to sleep or talk to the person next to you.

The Kinney's also said there is evidence of the drilling on the foundation of their house where part of it is cracking.

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