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Test It Tuesday: Lint Lizard

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On this week's "Test It Tuesday," we try the Lint Lizard.

The Lint Lizard is an attachment for your vacuum.

It's supposed to suck out built-up lint in your dryer's lint-trap, so your clothes dry faster.

The Lint Lizard comes with three parts and was super easy to assemble.

All you have to do is attach your vacuum's hose into the Lint Lizard, and you're ready to begin.

First, I tried the Lint Lizard on some spilled coffee grounds, just to test out its sucking power.

It worked.

Now on to my dryer.

I removed my lint trap and excess lint from my last laundry load.

I inserted the 40 inch Lint Lizard into the lint trap and didn't see one piece of lint fly through the clear attachment.

I tried the coffee grounds test again, to make sure I wasn't do anything wrong.

The Lint Lizard, or rather my vacuum's power, sucked up the coffee grounds with ease.

I pushed the Lint Lizard into my lint-trap one more time to see if it would collect any excess lint.

It didn't.

Was I disappointed? Yes.  Was I surprised? No.

It seems my lint trap has done a good enough job of collecting lint the past two years.

Another 'As Seen On TV' product bites the dust.

I think the Lint Lizard is a dud and not worth the money!

Do you have a product you'd like me to test?

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