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Finding A Family: Tommy's Story

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Tommy Tommy

"May I please have a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles and ketchup please?" asked Tommy while we were waiting in line at Five Guys. That's one of Tommy's favorite burger joints; and it's where he suited up to meet us; to help us help him find a family.

"A kind, patient, loving family," he said.

At 12-years old, Tommy loves his video games, loves going on hikes and loves playing football.

"I'm not very good at catching, but I'm good at blocking and tackling them to the ground," he said. "I might be short but I'm very agile when it comes to tackling."

He's gets good grades and is torn between two very different future career fields.

"I'm stuck between either a veterinarian or an archeologist."

Tommy is a good spirited kid with a loving heart toward others; even when they're not so kind hearted back.

"What's the hardest thing about not having a family?" I asked him.

"Coping with other kids who have families and actually bragging about it," he said.

"Kids brag about having a family? How does that make you feel?" I asked.

"I don't really care about it, because I know that God will want me to have a good family," he said.

It's a wish he's wanted for a long time. "Now I've been without a family for half my life now."

And he's wanting to fill that void with people who love him, unconditionally.

"Do you want brothers and sisters?" I asked. "Yes." "Why is that important to you?" "'Cause I can learn different things. Even if they're older or younger I'll learn things that I don't really know."

Tommy describes himself in three words: "I'm always open hearted. I'm very forgiving, I'm very patient."

"What would it mean to you if you found a good, loving family?" I asked him. "It would mean the whole world to me," he said.

If you're interested in adopting Tommy, or any other child in the state, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL-MWV. Or you can send an email to Or you can go online to

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