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Perk of the Job: Interviewing a Local Legend

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When I'm on air for WBOY, I like to point out that I'm from Elkins. I like being the hometown girl, I think the viewers like it too.

I have two older brothers that played three sports in high school, I played three sports in high school and my dad was a coach of various sports for the majority of my life. Because of all that sports experience, I can tell you where every single high school in North Central West Virginia is (and most high schools in the state). I can tell you how to get to the football field, basketball gym or baseball diamond.

I also remember who most of the great West Virginia high school athletes are from the past two decades (give or take a few years).

Former North Marion and UNC basketball player Jessica Sell is back in Fairmont. She's now a graduate assistant for the Fairmont State women's basketball team. When the opportunity arose to interview Jessica for a story, I jumped at it because I can remember watching her play. Sell is only a few years older than me so I remember seeing her on the court while I was also playing, but I remember her even before that. My parents always helped the Elkins boosters club run the concession stand so I went to a lot, a lot of basketball games, both boys and girls.

I can vividly remember Jessica Sell being 10 times better than anyone else on the court. I remember the Sell vs. Alexis Hornbuckle debate. I remember North Marion going to the state tournament but coming up short because those were the years that the Charleston area class AAA schools dominated all of high school girls basketball.

I remember when I heard that Jessica Sell was going to North Carolina. I still find that amazing.

I even remember that her brother's name is Ricky.

Sell did a few things after her time at UNC before coming back to Fairmont. She had some great jobs working for great basketball staffs, but one of the first things I noticed during my line of questioning in the interview, is that Jessica Sell is very, very happy to be back home.

Before the camera was even rolling I told her about all my memories. She was very humbled and even a little impressed I think.

Flat out, Jessica Sell was a great interview. She answered every question I had perfectly. She was animated, she was excited and she told the truth. When I asked her what it was like to be coaching the three-time state champion girls from North Marion, having gone to school in Rachel herself, she freely admitted that she was living in California during the Lady Huskies championship run. She knew what they had accomplished but she hadn't gotten to witness it herself. As I'm sure they are in awe of her, she is in awe of the girls from NMHS on the FSU basketball team. She will be the first person to tell you, they accomplished something she never did. Jessica Sell feels honored to work with them. I'm sure they realize just who their GA coach is in WV high school basketball lore and I'm sure they feel honored too.

Fairmont State is a great women's basketball program. Coach Mac has done a lot with the Lady Falcons and Sell mentioned several times how anxious she is to learn from him. I think she's a great asset to the staff because of her Division I experience, but also because she's a former player, both local and at a higher level.

I was honored to interview the local legend and talk candidly with Jessica Sell about her move back to Fairmont. Look for the Marion County native to do big things at Fairmont State and beyond.

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