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Test It Tuesday: Orgreenic Non-Stick Fry Pan

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On this week's 'Test It Tuesday' we put Orgreenic non-stick fry pan to the test.

Orgreenic has to be seasoned before you use it.

Spread a light coating of vegetable oil in the pan and place it on your stovetop over medium let.

Wait until the pan starts to smoke and let it cool.

Wipe the excess oil off and you're ready to get cooking!

I tested Orgreenic against a fry pan I already own. 

I didn't use any oils, butter, or spray because according to Orgreenic, you don't need it.

First, I tried d to make some over-easy eggs.  I didn't have much luck.

The egg stuck to my Orgreenic pan but didn't stick to my personal pan.

The label clearly says 'cook without oil, butter or grease'.

Time for test number two: lemon pepper seasoned chicken breast.

I immediately had the same problem as I did with the egg.

The chicken and seasoning stuck to the Orgreenic pan worse than it did my own.

After a quick rinse, I tried to make pancakes.

The all important 'flip' didn't go so well in the Orgreenic pan.

I started to question the non-stick claim.

Next, I tried to see how well burnt pasta sauce would clean up.

The burnt sauce didn't slide off like it does in the commercial, but it wasn't difficult to clean with a paper towel.

For my final test, I break all of the rules and spray Pam Olive Oil spray into both pans.

I try two more eggs and my results finally looked like the television commercial.

I had a perfect slippery sunny-side up egg that looked good enough to eat!

I put Orgreenic through five tests and Orgreenic didn't live up to its 'no oil needed' claim.

In fact, I liked my own fry pan better.

But, once I sprayed Pam Olive Oil spray onto Orgreenic, it performed beautifully.

It only costs $20 so I think it will still be a great edition to my kitchen.

It's a good size and I also like that Orgreenic is eco-friendly.

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