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Morgantown City Council Repeals Clean Air Act Resolution

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The Morgantown City Council repealed an environmental resolution less than a week after passing it.

A resolution supporting a reduction in the amount of carbon in the air was repealed during a special council session Monday night.

Last Tuesday, the Morgantown City Council unanimously passed the resolution, urging President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce the Clean Air Act.

Monday, the City Council backed up, voting four to three to repeal the resolution, as some council members believed the resolution carried a partisan tone that they do not want to support.

"There is two sides to everything," says Morgantown Mayor Jim Manilla," and I think basically a lot of that stuff was one sided. You'll get another view that will be the opposite of that, and that something we really shouldn't be involved in, because again, we are a non-partisan city council, and we need to stay completely out of politics."

The Morgantown Green Team, an advisory board for the city on environmental and energy issues, advised the council to pass the resolution.

Jim Kotcon, a member of that board says he believes climate change does not see red and blue.

"The real issue is the credible consensus of scientists that climate change is real, and that there will be serious consequences unless we act now," he said.

Some Council members admitted that they were unprepared to vote on the resolution last week.

The Green Team has been asked to review the resolution, and make changes before bringing it up at a later meeting.

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