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Mommy Monday: Infant CPR

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"We are trying to do everything we can to be as well prepared as we can," said father-to-be, Heiko Ter Haseborg. "Accidents can always happen and it would just be horrible to know that we could have done this and didn't."

The Ter Haseborgs are expecting their first child in April.

"I just know for myself I want to be prepared," said mother-to-be, Elizabeth Ter Haseborg. "I want to know what to do in case bad things or good things happen and so just to have knowledge."

That's why they signed up for the infant CPR class at Mon General Hospital.

"Children can choke on anything," said Pamela Poe, the Perinatal Education Coordinator at Mon General Hospital. "Household items such as money, paperclips, things laying around the house; they can choke on food, even if we cut the food up there's still that possibility."

Twice a month, Poe teaches an infant CPR class, based on the American Heart Association's guidelines.

Participants watch a video, practice the chest compressions, and there's also the mouth to mouth component.

But this class isn't just for moms and dads.

"I'm going to be a grandmother," said Sharon Arquilla, proudly.

My mom signed up because she's the primary babysitter-to-be.

"I didn't know about CPR and that when I had my children, and I know that it's very very important," she said. "I look forward to learning this for babysitting and if mom and dad aren't there, I'Il know what to do."

It's a skill you want to have, but hope you never have to use.

"Anybody and everybody who is going to be around children should know CPR," said Poe.

Mon General also offers courses in toddler, children and adult CPR.

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