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Restaurant Road Trip: Hellbender's Burritos

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It may sound like a Mexican restaurant, but Hellbender's Burritos is all West Virginia. Owners Melissa and Robert Borowitz named the business after the Hellbender salamander, a species native to the Davis area where they opened their restaurant. They say part of the draw for their restaurant is the local connection, both in the name and with the food.

"They're nontraditional type burritos, but we do stress the homemade and fresh ingredients. It's a unique menu that Melissa and I designed ourselves from favorite kinds of foods that we like, and we just turned them into burritos," said Robert Borowitz.

The restaurant is just minutes away from both Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley, and especially during the summer months, they get plenty of visitors on the weekend to keep them busy. But it's not all about the tourists, Hellbender's is popular with the local community, too.

"During the week we do get a lot of locals. It's kind of become a hangout for locals. We have a little bar area they like to sit in and we get a big mix," said Melissa Borowitz.

Christopher Phares is one of those locals. He comes for the food and the fellowship, and even his boss knows that certain nights, he just has to be here.

"This place in particular is like my, the one place I go to for peace of mind and awesome food, and its just one of my favorite places to be at, so much so, in fact, that in the summertime when their fish tacos are in season, they gave me Wednesday nights off for fish taco Wednesday, and it is awesome," said Phares.

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