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Gilmer County High School Divided Over Bullying Issue

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Rosemary Skidmore said she was bullied so much at Gilmer County High School this year, that she had to leave.

"I was just so stressed out because of what people were saying. They would call me fat. They would call me stupid and ugly and everything. It got so bad where the only thing I thought I could do was cut myself," she said.

Rosemary said she sought therapy for the cutting and no longer does it, but the dread she felt every morning still haunted her. She left Gilmer County High School two weeks ago, and now gets home schooled.

"I would stick my finger down my throat to get sick so I wouldn't have to go to school. That was the point I was at before they pulled me out," she said.

Rosemary is not alone.

Amanda Lamb is a cheerleader at the high school. She said the whole cheerleading squad has been bullied at basketball games and on the Internet. Amanda said she saw a therapist to deal with it as well, but still worried about the consequences.

"That's why people kill themselves. They commit suicide because they're sick of people making fun of them. I don't think it's right. No one should have to take their own life because their life gets so bad," she said.

The school administration is investigating the matter, Assistant Principal Jay Chambers said. But it hasn't been able to corroborate the girls' stories with more than two people, he said. Two adults have been reprimanded and one student has been given a warning, Chambers said. However, he would not state their offenses.

Gilmer County High School senior Chelsea Knicely attended all but three of the year's home basketball games. She said bullying does not happen at the school.

"It's not a problem here. I don't know why it's become a problem here. I haven't heard any instances of it. We're such a small school. We all know each other and we all get along," she said.

But Amanda and others disagreed.

"School is a place that's supposed to be like a safe haven. And it's not. It's the complete opposite."

The parents of the girls who said they've been bullied said they have taken the matter to state police. However, the Glenville State Police detachment said it has no investigations or records related to the matter.

The school administration is continuing its investigation.

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