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Schools Across the State Recognize Digital Learning Day

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Students in high school these days have grown up with technology in their every day lives and it's a language they understand.

Schools across the state put the pencils and paper down for Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, but the students at University High School took digital learning to a whole new level.

A new class at UHS encourages the students to play with video games, but only after they designed and created them.

"It's a nationwide program," explained Denise Stalnaker, director of professional development for Globaloria. "Presently it's in five states. The largest population is in West Virginia, and it started in West Virginia."

Globaloria is an online curriculum and social learning network that students at nine of our local high schools use to create educational video games.

"My game is a factoring game," said UHS junior Kyler Harris.  "A lot of my friends, they're juniors too, but they still have trouble with factoring. So I figured, they don't like studying, why not make a game. It's a fun game, and it can help them get better at math."

"They're figuring out how do to do math in this game," Stalnaker said. "They're teaching it. So that means, if they're teaching it, then they know it. You have to know it to teach it.  So, the ability that it reinforces with the skills as they're programming that game is phenomenal."

The students are divided into teams and challenged to conceptualize, design, and write code for video games based on different principals.

Some incorporate math and science, while others use English and historical facts to move on to the next level.

"Everyone in this class, even though we're not on the same team, if I need help something and someone else understands it, they'll come over and help me to get it too," Harris said.

Some students have enjoyed the class so much, they plan to make it into a career.

"It has helped me with my gaming, my code writing, its given me a head start into my future career that I plan on going into," Harris added. "Overall this class has been amazing, and its really helpful."

"So, now they can grasp this technology and learn with it, and go with it at a speed that we don't even understand," Stalnaker joked.

The Globaloria web site features games that past students have created and students of all ages can play and learn.

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