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Restaurant Road Trip: Philippi Inn

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Customers of the Philippi Inn rave the company is just as sweet as the food.

"Just everyone treats you like you're family here," said Jamie Burner, a waitress at the Philippi Inn.

And it's been that way for over 50 years.

 "It's more family based. It's all about the family. Everyone comes in here. Some regulars come every day, sometimes twice a day. They just feel comfortable here," said Heather Grain, Assistant Manager at the Philippi Inn.

"I come almost every day and if I don't come, one of the girls calls home to see if I'm alright," said Edward Young, a regular customer at the Philippi Inn.

Edward Young has been part of that family for 35 years… 

"Well, I need some good food…and I can always get it here," Young said.

"The turkey manhattans, the giovanni's.  The big sellers are our pies and our rolls. All of our servings are really huge. Anyone that comes here can tell you…we have the biggest portions for the best price," Burner said.

"I was a prisoner of war and I appreciate good food," Young said.

Food that boils, sizzles and spins.

"People call them mile high meringue pies. We have coconut, lemon, chocolate, peanut butter.  This is kind of what they look like here.  They are homemade here. Everyone comes for em. If you've had em once you'll come for them again," Grain said. 

Make sure you order your own, because this time your eyes might not be bigger than your stomach.

"Everyone usually goes ahh ohhh when we bring their pie," Grain said.

The Philippi Inn is located on Rt. 250 in Philippi.  You can reach them at 304-457-1733. 

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