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Marion County Day Report Center Helps Non-Violent Offenders

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The Marion County Day Report Center will celebrate its two year anniversary in March.

The center is an alternative choice to jail.

The program has served more than 125 non-violent offenders since it began.

Director Ted Offutt has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience.

He said the day report center has been a great addition to Marion County.  The program rehabilitates non-violent offenders and also saves the taxpayers money.

"We hope to save Marion County taxpayers money by saving the $50 per day jail fee that Marion County pays for every individual in the regional jail, and the transport fees," he said.

Participants are given the chance to go through drug and alcohol counseling and get their GED.

Offutt said one of the biggest problems is the prescription drug epidemic.

He said it  has gotten so out of control that it's ruining young people's live and getting them into trouble.

"They are very powerful and it's amazing how many people are becoming addicted to something that's supposed to help us," he said.

Offutt said Circuit Judges David Janes and Michael Aloi are both big supporters of the day report center, along with all of the Marion County Magistrates.

Around 60 people report to the Day Report Center each week.

Offutt said while it's an alternative to jail, the program is anything but a walk in the park.

"It's not easy. It's easier to go to jail and just sit there then it is to work here and work on your problems, and show up and be drug tested and go out and look for a job, get a job, do community service," he said.

While the day report center offers a second chance for some, people who don't report to the center when they're supposed to could have their probation revoked and sent back to jail.

In addition to counseling, participants do community service with various non-profit agencies throughout the county.

Offutt said he is trying to get a transport van for the center so participants can travel together when they do projects.

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