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Test It Tuesday: Slushy Magic!

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'Test It Tuesday' is back and we're trying out another 'As Seen on TV' item.

The Slushy Magic claims to be 'frozen fun for everyone'.

Cierra, 7, is going to see if the product will really 'slushify' your favorite drinks within a matter of minutes.

Slushy Magic is dubbed the super duper slushy maker.

The directions say to place the frozen magic cubes into the slushy maker and add your favorite cold drink.

We tried lemonade.

Now, it's time to ‘shake, shake, shake' for two minutes.

Two minutes go by and our worst fears are confirmed.

The lemonade didn't turn into a slushy.

But, where did we go wrong?

We decided to re-freeze the magic cubes overnight, instead of the recommended 2-3 hours.

The next day, we removed the frozen cubes from the freezer and placed them into the slushy magic container.

We tried orange juice this time.

I could feel the container getting heavier the longer I shook it.

About a minute in, I could see small crystals formed in the slushy magic container.

Two minutes later, I poured the now slushied mix into a glass.

The magic cubes were difficult to remove from the cup and were covered in slush. I took two out and tried to gently pour the third cube out. Part of the slushy spilled on the counter.

The orange juice slushy tasted good.

I would give this product 3 out of 5 stars.

For best results, you have to freeze the magic cubes overnight.

You also don't get a large volume of slushy when you use the Slushy Magic.

After you use the product once, you have to re-freeze the cubes before using it again. This could be problematic if you have multiple kids who want a slushy.

The product runs around $15.

If you have any 'As Seen on TV' products you'd like me to try on 'Test it Tuesday', post on my WBOY 12 News Facebook page, tweet me on Twitter, or email me at lrobbins@wboy.com.

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