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Restaurant Road Trip: Wild Kenyan Hot Sauce

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We made a repeat stop on the Restaurant Road Trip this week to visit the Kenyan Café. Now, you can take some of the unique flavor home with you.

You'll find the Wild Kenyan Hot Sauce on every table in the Kenyan Café, and now you can buy some to set on your own.

Owner Dennis Gekara makes the sauce in the café.

"I started this about a year ago, basically for the customers to use in house but then the customers started asking me if I'm selling it," he said.

Gekara was happy to oblige, though it's kept him busy since he began in June.

"So far, we've sold about 680 bottles, for the year," Gekara said. "For the month of December, we sold about 120 bottles for people buying for gifts for friends and they've sent them as far as Seattle, Washington."

Having West Virginia University students as customers also helps, because many took the sauce home to their families. That showed Gekara the marketability of his sauce.

"You go to the grocery store and you find more than 700, a thousand bottles of different hot sauces, so what makes yours different? That's something everybody's going to ask you in the marketplace," Gekara said. "My customers tell me that it's got a good texture, they say it's got a different feel to it, the smell."

Like the food on the menu, the sauce seems simple but packs in the flavor.

"Mine doesn't have spices, it just has a Kenyan wild hot pepper, vinegar and what brings the texture is the black pepper that we have growing wild it gives you that flavor but it doesn't overpower the food," Gekara explained. "You put on however much you want and you can control how hot you want it to be."

Even if you were able to find all of the ingredients, don't ask Gekara for the recipe.

"They've told me that they cannot find anything in the grocery store like this- how do you make it? I tell them no- I can't tell you how you make it but you can buy it," Gekara said.

You can buy it for $6.99 a bottle at the Kenyan Café for now, but Gekara is working on a way to sell it online and at local grocery stores.

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