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Restaurant Road Trip: Naticakes

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The cold temperatures have finally settled in, but if you are like me, sometimes you just cannot kick that craving for a little ice cream.

"Ice cream is an all the year thing for us. So, we'll be here in February and March," commented Amber Shrewsberry, who was visiting Naticakes Yogurt and Cupcake shop with her children.

The new frozen yogurt shop is now open, to make sure a frozen treat is always just minutes away.

Naticakes isn't just here to fill an ice cream void, it serves as a memorial to owner Nicole Sloan's niece, Natalie, who was often called "Naticakes."

"I got that phone call you get in the middle of the night that you dread. We were actually overseas when it happened. I had learned that my niece had died. And she was completely healthy, she wasn't sick. So, it was a shock to us. It felt like a SIDS [Sudden Infant Death Syndrome] situation. She was 23 months old. She was put to sleep and died within 15 minutes. So there was a lot of sadness, a lot of pain, and 9 months later we kind of had the idea and vision to help do something to continue the foundation set up in her name. She loved sweets. She was sweet little girl and loved sweets, so what better than to have a sweet shop in her honor," explained Sloan.

What could be better than supporting a foundation for children, while enjoying a sweet treat.

Now my personal favorite part about visiting Naticakes is that you can mix and match, and make the yogurt exactly how you like. I like to mix the country vanilla with the red velvet yogurt, which might be my favorite. I top it off with some chocolate chips and sprinkles, and to me it doesn't get any better than that.

But everyone has a different method to creating a dessert at Naticakes.

"We have some people who like to do the crazy mixtures and we have some people that actually plan out the yogurt, which is kind of interesting. They'll walk by the bar, see what selections, we have 30 to 35 different toppings, and they'll kind of plan out their selection," laughed Sloan.

With inspiration from one very special kid, Naticakes is a hit with kids, and adults, of all ages.

"They had a great time. They liked being able to put the sprinkles on themselves or pick out what they wanted. And if I lifted them up, they got to put the ice cream in themselves. So, they like it. They like to be independent," added Shrewsberry.

Also at Naticakes, you pay by the ounce. So, you can get as much or as little frozen yogurt as you'd like.

And before you check out, instead of dropping the staff a tip, make a donation to the Natalie Wynn Carter Foundation, which has already help build two playgrounds.

One can be seen at church in Kentucky, and the other is at an orphanage in China. 

"All of our franchises contribute 1-percent of sales to the foundation. And rather than a tip jar we have a foundation jar and it's been averaging about $100 dollars a week, just from change!" said Sloan.

So even if the temperatures are below freezing outside, head into the cozy atmosphere of Naticakes and make a creation of your own.


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