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Grafton Cat Shelter is Celebrating This Week

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Grafton is home to a cat rescue shelter run by the People United for Rescue and Rehabilitation or P.U.R.R.

Monday, the group celebrated a birthday, not one of the cat's birthdays, but the shelter's third birthday, marking excellence in volunteer work.

"It's a great feeling knowing you come in and volunteer and know that this life is better because of your time," said the director of P.U.R.R. Lorna Vincent-Venter.

More than 150 cats live at the no-kill sanctuary, but the shelter has helped many more.

This year alone, they have spayed and neutered more than a thousand cats, and have adopted out about 250.

A feat that is only possible because of outside donations.

"P.U.R.R. is a different type of organization," said Venter. "We are not funded by the state or government. We're donation only, and we exist because of private people who care about cats and who care about the work we're doing."

P.U.RR Is celebrating their birthday in a unique fashion this year, instead of a party or gathering, they are celebrating a holiday that many very little about, Boxing Day.

"In Britain, it means the companies would open their Christmas boxes, give donations to the poor or to the service people who worked during the holidays," said Venter. "Here at P.U.RR we of course need donations, and we are asking people to fill their boxes with some of the things we need."

Things the shelter use everyday like paper towels, garbage bags, and of course, cat toys.

"The cats and kittens don't ask for much," said Venter. "They really don't understand that they're the luckiest cats in the world because they've been rescued and are being taken care of. So they love you unconditionally."

If you'd like do donate or adopt, it simple, head to their website for details.

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