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'Test It Tuesday': Eggies!

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Ever wonder if any of these 'As Seen On TV' products actually work?

We're kicking off our ‘Test It Tuesday' series to find out.

This week, we're trying Eggies.

Crack, boil, and twist; the Eggies directions sound pretty simple, right?

We started out with one dozen medium eggs.

Next, we filled up a sauce pan with warm water.

The Eggies box includes six Eggies, an egg separator, and directions.

The directions say to coat each Eggie with non-stick cooking spray before you start.

Then, you place the top and bottom half together and secure both pieces with the collar.

The non-stick cooking spray makes the Eggies extremely slippery.

After we filled the containers, we placed the Eggies into the pan filled with warm water.

Then, bring water to a boil.

After water comes to a boil, bring water back down to a gentle boil.

Cooking times vary on the size of the egg, and how hard or soft you want the yolk.

We wanted hard-boiled eggs so we cooked our eggs for 15 minutes.

Next, let the Eggies cool for 3-7 minutes.

Finally, remove Eggies from the pan with a slotted ladle.

When the Eggies is warm to the touch, remove the collar and the lid, and turn over. Squeeze the Eggie until the egg comes out.

Now, the egg is ready to eat.

My review: I would give the Eggies 2 out of 5 stars. There were a lot of different pieces involved, which made for a messy clean-up. I think Eggies would be fun for parents to try with their children, but I don't think I would buy the product for myself. I would just boil an egg the ‘old fashioned' way.

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