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'Test It Tuesday': Fast Brite

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It's "Test It Tuesday" and time to put another "As Seen on TV" product to the test.

This week's product is Fast Brite.

Fast Brite is an auto headlight restorer kit that claims to make your headlights up to five times brighter.

Dirty headlights don't stand a chance against this 'easy two step system', at least according to the box.

We tested the product on Don Graye's car to see if the commercials live up to the hype.

Step One Directions:

1. Pour dime sized amount of lens polish onto yellow side of pad.

2. Rub in small circular motion briskly over entire lens until lens feels smooth.

After roughly 10 seconds, Don had to add more polish to the sponge.

Another minute goes by and some of the headlight gunk starts to disappear.

Step Two Directions:

1. Pour lens protectant generously onto blue microfiber side of pad

2. Rub over entire lens area.

3. Buff with clean dry cloth.

The clean dry cloth is not provided.

When we were finished wiping the product off of the headlight, we compared the one we cleaned to the one we didn't clean.

There was an apparent different between the two.

Don said, "It's very easy to use. It had pretty good results compared to the before and after. I'm curious to see how long it will last and if we should have to redo this every week, every two weeks, once a month, but initially, it does pretty nicely."

Less gunk on your headlights for under 20 bucks; is it worth the price?  You be the judge.

Don't forget to join us next week when we put another 'As Seen on TV' product to the test

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