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"Bunny Feathers" Stresses Adoption of Rabbits in Foster Care

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Most animal rescue shelters are only able to handle the overwhelming numbers of cats and dogs that are brought in throughout the year, but what about other domestic animals that are brought in?

Shelley Poston and her husband have made it their mission to help bunnies in the area find loving homes.

The couple has started a not-for-profit rabbit rescue called "Bunny Feathers."

"My husband and I fund the project ourselves. Occasionally get a donation. We haven't become a non-profit yet. Although, we certainly are not for profit. We spend a lot of money taking care of the rabbits. Making sure that they're all healthy, spayed and neutered, tame and friendly," explained Poston.

Once the Poston's feel the bunnies are ready to be adopted, they seek out loving homes on PetFinder.com or at Pet Co. similar to the event held on Saturday.

Currently, the couple has 11 bunnies in foster care.

"It' a good pet for people who are willing to learn what it takes to take care of a rabbit properly. What the rabbit needs, what the rabbit wants, and how the rabbit communicates," said Poston.

Many of the rabbits are brought to the Poston's from local pounds or animal shelters, but a rabbit being adopted at Saturday's Pet Co event had a different journey.

"This little bunny was found at a construction site inside a pile of concrete blocks. The owner of the construction crew called Bunny Feathers to try and find a good home for him. Not only did he have the rabbit delivered to me, but he called later to make sure that the rabbit had arrived well, and that he was fine, and to find out how he was doing," smiled Poston as she recalled how she met the bunny.

That bunny will be named Max by Brenda Bolyard, who was at Pet Co to meet her new pet.

"I am adopting this rabbit actually. I found him on Pet Finder and I've wanted a rabbit forever and he just seemed like he would be a perfect fit. So, I'm going to try him out. It seems to be going great!" laughed Bolyard as Max slept in her arms.

 As a student at West Virginia University, Bolyard thinks a bunny is the perfect pet for her.

"I wanted something that would love me that I could love. So, it just seems like it would be a good match," commented Bolyard.

For more information on Bunny Feathers, click on the associated link.

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