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Restaurant Road Trip: Grandma Jean's Country Kitchen


In life, we all have different ways of coping. After Diana Price lost her brother and mother in less than a month's time, she channeled all of her emotions into making one of her dreams come true. "We started remodeling and I decided to name it after my mother. She's my inspiration here and after her passing on August 8th, 2010, I needed a purpose," explained Price. Grandma Jean's has only been open a short time, but Diana has indeed found her purpose. "They're not just customers to me, they become my friends." Price greets most of her guests by name. And if you are not already a regular, it will only take one trip for her to make you apart of the Grandma Jean's family. "It's amazing, because when she first started she didn't know how well it would work out. Everything just falls into place one right after another," said Rachel Taylor, Price's daughter and Grandma Jean's granddaughter. For Grandma Jean's Country Kitchen, everything is falling into place perfectly. We asked Diana to prepare us her specialty that she cooks at Grandma Jean's and apparently everything is her specialty. She prepared enough for a family of six, but we got to try a little bit of everything. From barbeque ribs and hot roast beef, to stuffed shells and chicken quesadillas, everything made at Grandma Jean's is homemade. Everything was absolutely delicious and to complete the meal, Price brought out three special desserts, which were all inspired by Grandma Jean herself. "I was just standing there by the board one morning and my mother spoke to me, just as sure as she was sitting there and she said, "Where's my desserts?" and when she said "Where's my desserts?" I went back and said ‘Phyllis, I know what we can serve! My mom's desserts!'" described Price. The great food, desserts and home-like atmosphere are what put Grandma Jean's on the map. "Believe or not we're on the GPS. People can find me on the GPS. I didn't realize that, but a lady had gotten lost. Her and her grandchildren were on their way to Ohio and they got lost and Grandma Jeans Country Kitchen just appeared on their GPS. They drove here and she said the food was delicious!" Price said proudly. Anyone looking to find Grandma Jean's without a GPS can head to Dunkard Avenue in Westover during breakfast or lunch.

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