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Restaurant Road Trip: Once Upon A Tea Room


I like to cook and decorate, so! With those two passions, co-owner Rose Barker opened up "Once Upon a Tea Room"; a creative name, that stemmed out of well…creativity. "I like fairy tales, so I thought well, ‘Once upon a time there was a building'… what do you do with it? Then I thought, Once Upon a Tea Room!" And what started out as a country home goods store. "We sell the top of the line upholstered furniture for country," said Barker. "Chandeliers; a lot of stuff made by our family, the furniture part of it." Turned into a tea and pastry shop…"Peppermint chocolate, pineapple lychee… these are some scones, we had fresh peaches yesterday, so we cut up fresh peaches and put in those." And blossomed into a lunch and dinner hot spot. "Their sandwiches are very good," said customer Angie Long. "I like their bread, the salad, and I like the fellowship." So what's on their menu today? "I ordered the pastacia!" said Long. "It's a seasoned ground beef, and then we have penne pasta, and then you put a sauce on top and bake it It may remind you of lasagna," said Barker. "Alright, so I had to order this ever popular pastacia," I said. "Accompanied by the Caesar salad with homemade dressing and homemade croutons. Mmmm! Worth the hype for sure. And I'm washing it down with the blueberry hibiscus tea, which is very soothing…delicious!" And for dessert…the most decadent peanut butter pie I've ever tasted, with homemade whipped cream, or a blondie brownie or the classic crème brulee. So if you're in the mood for a little down home country shopping, you can get your fix and work up an appetite at the same time! "It's kinda like Walmart, it's a one stop shop!" said Long.

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